The story of Middle East Real Estate is traced back to 1979 when the company has been established by Mr. Salem Ahmed Salem Al Qaisi in dramatic period of the economy establishment of United Arab Emirates.

Desert dunes, low raise buildings and summer heat was the beginning of one of the oldest real estate company of United Arab Emirates. At the beginning of its dream story, Middle East Real Estate.

Along with the development of the economy of United Arab Emirates, couple of more properties had arisen in the micro real estate market. Meantime, Middle East Real Estate had proven its trustworthiness, transparency and the quality of the service, which led the company to the bright future together with the growth of United Arab Emirates.

Historical period of the real estate market started after 2002, when first freehold zone was launched, which had a dynamic effect on the organization in wider extension of its services into brokerage, sales and property management



At Middle East, we are your one-stop-shop for all things real estate. With a resolution to always offer 5-star service to our clients, we are here for you and all your property requirements and queries. At the crux of our business is that we work relentlessly to provide hassle-free tailored real estate advice and consultancy for investors and families alike who are looking to find the perfect home.

We take pride in our diverse portfolio, of not just services but also the Provident team members. We have over 15 different nationalities speaking 25+ different languages, all ready to answer your property-related questions.

Established in 1990, today, we not only help you buy and lease a property but also manage your property, help you find the right financing options or get you the perfect holiday home. We pride ourselves in being transparent, honest and professional to deliver the best results for our clients


To redefine what investors, landlords and tenants in UAE expect of real estate agents. We’ll do this by providing our clients with.

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • The smartest agents in the Market
  • A tech-driven approach
  • Proven long-term results


To become the UAE’s Undisputed Favorite real estate brand by 2023 We’ll achieve this by treating our people with uncommon appreciation, our clients with uncompromising integrity, and the market with unanticipated innovation. In doing so we will become the standard by which every other real estate agency is measured.



BETTER VALUES: We are zealously focused on honesty as our primary value. We regularly turn away opportunities because the deals are not in line with our values.

BETTER TECHNOLOGY: We have invested heavily in our own, proprietary, Oracle-based technology infrastructure that is so far ahead of the market that our agents and our clients have an unmatched advantage in any deal.

BETTER RESULTS: Together with an incredible team, we have consistently guided our clients toward unparalleled deals and away from sub-standard or unsustainable ones. Today, we stand tall and proud amongst some of the biggest corporate players in the industry.

LEADERSHIP: The spirit of leadership is instilled in every employee.