Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Dubai, Middle East Real Estate has been a leader in the dramatic transition of UAE and now it is one of the leading and oldest real estate companies operating in the UAE. During the last few decades, our establishment has cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of local residents as well as enthusiastic newcomers in the country.

Our company has all the licenses and certificates to successfully operate in the field of real estate activities such as selling, purchasing, brokerage, leasing, managing properties etc. We are Ejari registered and certified by the Dubai Land Department.

A combination of our experience, dedication to our craft, professionalism, and reliability makes us one of the leading Real Estate Companies in the UAE today. Middle East Real Estate truly believes in setting up a strong and ceaseless relationship with its huge clientele and gaining trust is the only way to success and progress; therefore it places customer satisfaction on top of its list of priorities.

Our teams are dedicated, qualified and committed to meet each client’s demands so as to ensure customer satisfaction and solutions to our clients’ real estate needs.

Middle East Real Estate is a well trusted, well known and large conglomerate. As part of one of the Largest holding company in the UAE - Al Qaisi Group, which has more than 900 professional employees, our conglomerate is dedicated solely to help our clients build wealth and define the right property for the right time.