Dubai is home to some of the most wonderful structures ever built in the world. The latest addition to this ever-growing list is The Museum of the Future. Located along with the city’s elevated, driverless metro system near of the Financial District, it has piqued everyone’s interest.

Designed to honour and trumpet human advancement and the invention that steers humanity into the future, this new cultural attraction in the UAE flips the concept of a museum on its head. It is encased in an eye catching spherical-shaped edifice covered with Arabic calligraphic lettering. Instead of housing historical artifacts, it is an experimental facility praised as a centre to influence humanity’s future.

The Vision Of The Museum Of The Future

Known as the beacon of hope, the Museum of the Future is a place where visitors will find inspiration for creating a better world. It will urge people to commit themselves to create a more sustainable future. The museum represents the UAE vice president’s vision to inspire and empower individuals to crave a pathway for the progression of humanity.

The Museum of the Future promotes technological advancements and innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence and robotics, through exhibitions, public events, films, and publications. The theme is to depict possible solutions for resolving global issues.


The Brainchild Behind The Architecture

The developers inaugurated the Museum of the Future on 22 February 2022. Since then, the UAE vice president Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum dubbed it “The most beautiful building in the world”.

The brainchild of Dubai Future Foundation and architect Shaun Killa of Killa Design designed the structure “as an architectural and cultural landmark.” And he stood true to his words! Its dazzling and shimmering volume is as memorable as it is spectacular. The architect created its flowing form with computer-aided design, utilizing cutting-edge technology in volume shaping and futuristic architectural concepts to achieve his aim. The outcome is a mind-blowing 77m high seven-storey toroidal structure constructed without the aid of a single column.

The Significance Of The Calligraphy

The gleaming Museum of the Future is encased in stainless steel panels created by robots, who also created the design that makes up its skin. The skin features lines of Arabic calligraphy reflecting poetry written by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on the future.

The calligraphy meaning revolves around the following words, “We may not live for hundreds of years, but the results of our creativity may leave a legacy long after we are gone,” they state. “The future belongs to those who can dream, create, and execute it. It’s not something you wait for, but rather something you produce,” they add. Finally, the last carries the meaning: “Innovation is not an intellectual luxury. It is the key to the evolution and rejuvenation of nations and peoples”.

Most importantly, the cursive inscriptions also serve as the museum’s windows. By day, they cast dappled light across the column-free interior. At night, 14 kilometers of LED lighting will illuminate them dramatically.


A Structure Designed For Greener Future

The Museum of the Future not only serves as visual and cultural light but also establishes new inventive benchmarks. The building embodies the future via revolutionary design ideas, execution, and construction as a 17,000m2 torus-shaped structure wrapped in stainless steel. It obtained LEED Platinum status and developed integrally through BIM at every design step.

Furthermore, the design is a low-carbon civic architecture accomplished via the application of various design breakthroughs. The structure exhibits innovative building management technologies, greywater recycling systems, and regenerative drive lifts.

Meanwhile, the offsite photovoltaic solar arrays cover its power requirements. Visitors can also charge their electric vehicles while exploring the museum. Moreover, it has limited parking space, designed to motivate the use of public transportation.

Main Parts of The Museum

The Museum of the Future demonstrates three main parts briefly explained below:

  • Green Hill: This part signifies the earthly elements with their solidity, permanence, and rootedness in place, time, and history. It features a smooth transition from the site in the shape of an earthen, vegetated mound with minimal intervention. It establishes greenery that is uncommon in Dubai.
  • The Building: The glistening futuristic building focuses on mankind, its strength, ability and artistry to establish peace with its surroundings. It features a bold shape that protrudes from the hill, covered in Arabic calligraphy.
  • The Void: The elliptical void with the upper building emphasizes innovation. It exhibits a space where visitors can look into the unwritten future of humanity. The inspiration is to stimulate the visitors to chase innovation and create.


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